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NO WAITING APP is powered by BookmyOPticket, a web and mobile platform. With it one can instantly book hospital OPD online, or book doctor appointment online in a few clicks. It assists patients to explore large list of hospitals and doctors, and then find the best doctors in India and book their appointments with them -Online. No more worries of leaving the comfort of your home to take tokens and then wait for hours in a queue to see the doctor. Find doctors by their department, Location or by nearest Hospitals. If you’re confused about which department to choose, tell us your symptoms or disease, we will help you in finding the right doctor for your need. The service also gives patients the flexibility to pen down the reviews about doctors they have visited and make them available for others to read.

Book an appointment online; find a right doctor, right place and right time!

BookmyOPticket is a smart app for Patients/Users to let you find the Best doctors at your fingertips.

• Find a trusted, reputed hospital or doctor, nearby

• Book appointment instantly via online using your android or iphone mobile application.

Users can download mobile app either from Google play store or Apples App Store by simply add their mobile number in our website, you’ll receive a link to download the app. Download it and start booking your appointment with your desired doctor. Today, we have become very busy in our lives and this over indulgence in our work or other priorities often result in some serious health concerns. This modern era has also prevented us from utilizing enough time to get us personally checked up by doctors and to make appointment with them. We do not have enough time to go and get our names registered in the visitor's list for making appointments. However, there is no need to worry and no sense in cursing this modern time as we have got many things to make our lives easy and convenient in this era only. Modern technological advancements have made possible to Make Online Doctor Appointment easily and without any hassles at the convenience of one's own house or simply doing work at their offices. Now, one does not need to worry themselves for making doctor appointments as any person with a PC or laptop or even a suitable handheld device with such medical apps can easily get it done online only.

Merits of BookmyOPticket:

The advantages or merits of Booking Doctor Appointment online are many. One who wishes to Book Doctor Appointment Online does not require waking up at the early hours of the morning, and standing in the long queue so that he or she can get their names or the names of their closed ones registered for doctor consultation. Also there are chances that after going to that particular clinic or hospital they get to know that the particular doctor they are looking for is not available on that day. Then the aspiring patient or his or her family members will have no option but to return without any advantage or reluctantly have to switch over to other available doctors. Furthermore they have to rely on the hearsay of the other patients or their family members or other practitioners in that particular medical establishment to know when and where the doctor they wish to visit will and can be avail of. In all these situations we can only witness how much uncertainty and chaos are involved which is obviously cannot be of any help to the patient mostly. One cannot delay like this the treatment which will be possible only after a valid and fruitful doctor consultation personally. In this regard, needless to say, online doctor appointment will be of great help as which doctor, on which days in a week as well as where and around what time the doctors can be visited personally etc are all available at the websites online. Even some personal information like what medical specialized knowledge they have, in how many nursing homes and or hospitals they visit and also an approximate idea of their visiting fees etc all these information can be accessed to anytime anywhere with internet facilities in your PC or even handheld devices like Smartphones these days. Everybody now try to Make Online Doctor Appointment for all these advantages already discussed and thus save some quality time and energy. Gone are the days when people have to wait for anything.Now you have the convenience of booking an appointment with your preferred doctor, anytime, anywhere in your fingertips within minutes.

How BookmyOPticket is making a difference?

At present, with technological upbringing each segment in the society has been promoted. The most significant improvement of this time has been the arrival of Web technologies and many new companies are creating their position by emphasizing it and making their services prominent by reason of using related technology and also Internet. It is a deep gratitude to the modern technology as it has greatly advanced in the field of healthcare that we can get consultation and online doctor appointment by sitting at home only. Life has actually become simple with the beginning of internet ethnicity all over the place Healthcare being a steady and evergreen industry has also been enormously doing well by the initiation of Internet. There are several aspects associated with Healthcare and they are modified technically via Internet. Among them, the very important aspect which has been feasible is the facility to do online doctor appointment India. In the past, doctors could schedule times either by walk-in or over phone. But in recent times appointments are taken online from patients. Here you can ask them a query or question regarding your health issues. The major benefit of getting this online doctor appointment is you find huge panel of doctors where you can book your appointments for personal visits. These doctors come with a significant experience and are highly professional. Besides, you can cancel them if you have any second thought. You may also receive frequent health tips to perk up health conditions for yourself and family. You are also availed with the home remedies which are naturally curable and are helpful for your daily routine. The flawless facility provided by them is they have multiple trackers like allergies, vaccinations, medical & life insurances and many so that it provides us with the detailed history. But you may find difficult to keep all things in mind. Health care sites also facilitate you with regular checkups and reminders so that you are automatically updated about your dates for checkups. You can get 24x7 support from our call centers in case you have any queries. Today, health management is very easy over the internet More than a few hospitals have by now started employing the online doctor appointment system as a customary practice and all are benefited from it whether doctor, hospitals management and also patients. This online appointment has also assisted many aged patients who then have to depend on others to either run hospital or clinic for appointment or booking by making calls. Pregnant ladies are very much benefited and get readily help from them. They offer us plenty of services like blood banks, nutritionist, ambulances health clubs and many other services. They provide us handy support via portal where you can opt for several options online.